About Kendall

I’m a composer and I teach music theory and composition, as well as core interdisciplinary seminars, at Goucher College, just outside Baltimore, Maryland. I live in Baltimore with an assortment of other Kennisons and a cat named Joe.


Kendall Kennison is the composer of dozens of pieces including chamber music, solo, orchestral, and choral works, and a short opera. His music has been performed throughout the Northeast and Midwestern United States, as well as in Italy, England, Croatia, and Russia. He has written music at the request of performers and ensembles including Scottish Voices, pianists Lisa Weiss and Caroline Hong, guitarist Stanley Alexandrowicz, The New Horizons Chamber Ensemble, Duo Viardot, the Goucher Chamber Symphony, and the Goucher Opera Workshop. One of his interests is writing music inspired by visual art or literature, and this has led to collaborations with artists Allyn Massey and Bernhard Hildebrandt, as well as music inspired by painters Robert Motherwell and Richard Diebenkorn, and novelist C.P. Snow. His composition teachers include Robert Hall Lewis, Robert Moevs, Richard Wilson, and Annea Lockwood, and he is grateful to his first piano teacher, Alan D. Wingard, for introducing him to contemporary music in elementary school. He has degrees from Vassar College, Rutgers University, and Peabody Conservatory. He has taught at Goucher College in Baltimore, Maryland, since 1998 and is currently the Bennett-Harwood Distinguished Professor at Goucher.

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